The Number One Kern

Another example of poor typography—one that would certainly define an artist’s typography as amateurish—is one that we’ve seen again and again on everything from ads to outdoor boards. It occurs with the use of the number “1” and any number either before or after it. The number “1” is seldom kerned tight enough to its surrounding numerals in any font. I always begin by kerning the number “1” at least a minus 15 on both sides. That should get you close to where you want to be. Then, after proofing, further adjustment is still very often called for.

Without this adjustment, dates and numbers tend to fall apart, particularly when other copy surrounds them. As a result, a date such as 1982 can easily appear to be, at first glance, two sets of numbers, “1” and “982”, for example.

Let’s not forget we are hired as graphic artist professionals, to make our clients’ and company’s information credible and understandable. Just a little attention to detail can make you a true specialist.

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